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Provision of services and staff. We provide customers with all our expertise
Educational training hotel, providing porterage for hotels, cleaning services, secretarial services, maintenance spares
A single point of contact in various areas, with a consequent optimization of production processes
Our hotel services are aimed at hotels and hotels that are in need of qualified personnel for short or long periods and do not want to bear the costs of permanent employees.
CAR SERVICES, A LOT OF SERVICES FOR YOUR COMPANY: costs under control and great benefits!
The main objective of telemedicine is to take care of in the best possible way without compel people to go to hospital to undergo checks that can be performed easily at home.
Con Consorzio Gonimos Servizi   per avere un appoggio sicuro nel Vostro lavoro ...

Consortium Gonimos Services

The Consortium takes its name from the Greek word "Gonimos" that fertility productivity, capacity to promote and to ensure that other people become the protagonists. The Consortium aims...

Hotel services and car services

Do you want to get an idea of our proposal CAR SERVICES reserved for HOTEL? In major cities Italian this service contributes effectively to the fight against pollution and congestion in...
Servizi per Alberghi
Servizi per alberghi, hotel services, room service, Receptionist, Addetti alla plonge, servizio plonge, Facchini alla porta, facchinaggio servizio, Movimentazione biancheria, servizio pulizia professionale, camerieri, Cameriere ai piani, Riassetto camere, servizio in camera

Hotel's Outsourcing Services, room service, plonge service

"A single point of contact in various areas, with a consequent optimization of production processes. "
The term 'Gonimos' means fertility, productivity, capacity to promote, to ensure that others may become protagonists. The Consortium Gonimos Services is mainly engaged in providing outsourcing services to facilities hotel and non-hotel with professionalism, competence and method.
leveraging its know-how and specific resources able to cover all the needs outsourcing of services by ensuring quality standards high.
Sure to be able to offer a service that meets your needs, we invite you to know us better.

Consorzio Gonimos Servizi
il Consorzio Gonimos Servizi dispone del certificato per le attività di erogazione di servizi per alberghi secondo la norma UNI EN ISO 9001


Guests of the hotel facilities you offer a courtesy car for its customers with preferential agreements. The hotel has access to the car getting ready to rent in the short and medium term, thereby avoiding the long waits for the car and makes additional services to their customers.


What better occasion to pay homage to the guests of the customers with sweets offered by Consortium Gonimos making your stay both enjoyable and memorable.


The Consortium with groups of Guides and Travel Agencies organizes packages excursions to propose within your structure.


  • Promote cooperation through the growth and improvement quality and professionalism of our customers.
  • Ensuring quality standards high.
  • Offer additional services.
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